The Original…
And Still The Best!

Sweet Spots

Keep your soccer cleat laces tied!

SweetSpots show you where to strike the ball

SweetSpots give you better ball control

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Soccer Players Love SweetSpots!

SweetSpots are 3-inch-wide latex-free stretchy bands. SweetSpots cover the laces on your cleats to keep them tied and give you better ball control!

SweetSpots allow you to put more curve on the ball. SweetSpots are rapidly becoming a staple in every player’s soccer bag. Make SweetSpots a regular part of your kit!

Accept no copycats or substitutes! Insist on “The Original” SweetSpots!

What Others Are Saying

My son uses these and they are superior to any other brand we have tried. You can just tell right out of the bag they are thicker and more durable. I used these when I was playing over 10 years ago and the quality is still the same.— Mikey’s Mom

They've held up on my daughter's soccer shoes for 2 years now… She's 12 now, so they get plenty of use and abuse, indoor and outdoor, and still going strong.— Scott Z.