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About the Inventor

About the InventorJoel Nitz, Inventor of the SweetSpot
Joel Nitz, Inventor of the SweetSpot

With degrees in Church Music and Choral Conducting, it may seem unusual that Joel Nitz finds himself running a successful soccer accessory business. While his early professional career revolved around music, soccer has been an important part of his life since discovering it as a college freshman. Years later, he was introduced to coaching when he took a part-time job as Soccer Coach for the small private school his son was attending in Huntsville, Alabama. It was a turn of events that changed the focus of his life.

Coach Nitz developed SweetSpots in the early 1990's as an aid to the players on his U12 club team, and shortly thereafter SweetSpot Inc. was born. This "accidental business" turned into a very satisfying career that entrepreneurs everywhere can appreciate, and soccer players of all ages can enjoy and benefit from.

Company History

Company History

Like so many products that we use every day, SweetSpots were born of necessity. During a practice session with his U12 club soccer team, SweetSpot inventor, Joel Nitz, envisioned a band that he could slip onto his players' cleats to keep their laces from coming untied in games and practice sessions. Loose, dangling laces interfere with play and are a definite safety hazard. On his way home from practice that afternoon, Coach Nitz picked up an innertube at a local motorcycle shop, cut the tube into 3-inch- wide bands and SweetSpots were born. The innovation was an immediate hit, not only with his players, but with virtually every coach, referee, player, and Soccer Mom that saw them. Everywhere his U12 Eagles' team played, folks were asking about the SweetSpots.

Although not intended initially to be a commercial product, SweetSpots were a sought-after soccer accessory from the outset. From that beginning in the early 1990's, SweetSpots have found their way onto soccer fields and soccer and sporting goods stores across the USA.

The primary target market for the company is still the young soccer player from beginner to U12 or U14, but it's not unusual to see players of all ages, and in nearly every sport, wearing brightly-colored SweetSpots. Black was the sole color in the early years, but players and coaches soon began requesting Sweetspots to match uniform and club colors. There are now 15 beautiful colors in the SweetSpot arsenal.

The first SweetSpots were cut from latex rubber, but today they are made of an injection-molded, highly sophisticated, thermoplastic elastomer. This wonderful material has a virtually perfect memory, and is unaffected by weather and ultraviolet light. The material was originally developed for use in the making of golf grips, so it's right at home in any weather.

SweetSpot Inc. has grown from one work bench in a garage to a pair of beautifully equipped 50' by 80' steel structures at the Huntsville, Alabama Heaquarters. SweetSpots have been and always will be manufactured in this country, proudly bearing the slogan, "Made in USA".

The SweetSpot Concept

The SweetSpot Concept

While the prototype was made of latex rubber, the modern SweetSpot is manufactured from injection molded plastic pellets. This thermoplastic elastomer, as it is known in the plastics industry, is impervious to weather and ultraviolet sunlight. It has a tacky feel, which tends to grab the soccer ball to help the wearer with control (passing, trapping, shooting, curving and swerving the ball, etc.).

Getting the soccer community acquainted with this innovative product was the biggest challenge faced in the early days. As a way of introducing SweetSpots, we gave away more product than we sold, because once it was on the soccer field… it sold itself!

The growth of SweetSpot, Inc over the years is due to a simple concept. SweetSpots is all we do. Our first decision was to make the product at home. Colors never have to be backordered because we control the manufacturing at our dedicated molding facility less than 20 minutes from our Huntsville, Alabama HQ. While countless copycats chase after our success with lower quality latex knockoffs, we are determined to stay true to our belief in producing a quality product at an affordable price.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed on every SweetSpot you buy.